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Professional and household spare parts

Bars, restaurants, hotels, dry cleaning, sauna and family


Hight quality products

Spare parts for washing machines, parts for refrigerators, parts for air conditioners, parts for every household appliance, professional work tools. We count 8 subsidiaries and thousands of clients, become a partner with a leader in this field

Home service through technicians

We offer home service, service for washing machine, service for refrigerators, service for air conditioners, service for every household appliance

Remote technical support

For any spare part or problem we offer remote telephone support. Being as close as possible to clients and business partners is a goal for us.


Zhaklin Servis is already a leader in professional work tools and foot parts for household appliances. Parts for refrigerators, parts for washing machines, parts for air conditioners, are just some of the categories of household appliances. Being the main importer of household appliances, you can find all spare parts here.

Our work has started since 1992. For almost 30 years, we provide this service to all Albanian families, becoming one of the most experienced firms in our country.

Reserved space for online ordering

The reserved space for online orders is one of the pages of the program where it is possible to see in detail the quantity in stock, price, figure and technical data of all items. From there it is possible to place web order for all registered customers.

To have access to the reserved space you should contact +355 67 200 2909.

Any spare parts for household appliances, such as parts for refrigerators, parts for washing machines, parts for air conditioners, parts for boilers, microwaves, etc. find them in this space