Zhaklin Servis shpk is an enterprise which trades spare parts for household and professional appliances.

Our work started around 1992. For almost 30 years, we provide this service to all Albanian families, becoming one of the most experienced businesses in our country.

Our beginnings are in the city of Fier, where with quality products we became the first choice for many businesses and families in the city. Over the years, our business has spread throughout Albania. Already, Zhaklin Service has its branches in Tirana, Durres, Fier, Vlora and other important points in the country.

From a small family business, we now manage seven different stores and count about 20 wholesale partners throughout Albania. The products we select come from the most well-known international firms.

n addition to superior quality products, what has grown us year after year professionally is the dedicated work of our team. Thanks to our qualified team, our work is better and the service more correct. Our technicians are ready at any moment to come to your aid.

Since consulting, product selection and their implementation, we have only one goal; to make every environment of your home as comfortable and functional as possible.